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Overland Expo West 2023 - 5/19/2023
Overland Expo Pacific Northwest 2023 - 7/7/2023

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wanderBOX Shell Construction Review

Intro ~ wanderBOX Breaks the Mold of Shell Construction ~ Floor Construction ~ Wall Construction ~ The Results Quality, Performance, Flexibility People interested in wanderBOX often ask “what makes you different and better than alternative campers?” The simple answer is that wanderBOX RVs are mobile, off-grid, “tiny-homes” built using durable, inorganic materials with a hand-crafted … Read more

Outpost 32 4×4 Sneak Peek

The interest in our wanderBOX Outpost 35 4×4 has truly been astounding. Beginning with our launch at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff this May, continuing through OE Mountain West in Loveland, CO in August, it’s clear that people appreciate wanderBOX bringing the comforts of home to off-grid, off-pavement living.

One comment we’ve heard again and again is: “Do you make a shorter unit?” The short answer is “yes!” Read on for more about the Outpost 32 4×4.

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