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11 Overland 4x4s That Could Replace Your House (Or Cost More Than It)

June 2, 2024

The key to this Super-C Class RV is customization. Choose the tires, battery setup, solar array, water capacity, (and much, much more) that best suits your adventure style.
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WanderBOX Outpost 35 Is A Massive Off-Road RV For Work Or Play

September 8, 2022

These days, off-road-capable camper vans are rather common. Finding a large RV capable of such adventure, however, isn’t common at all. Enter WanderBOX, a Colorado-based company building the Outpost 35 – a Ford-based rig boasting all the amenities of home and work in a 4×4 package that can stay off-grid for weeks at a time. And at $399,000, it’s less expensive than many similar-sized vehicles with off-road chops.


The Best Camping And Adventure Products From Overland Expo West 2022

September 2, 2022

If you’re looking to self-sustain for weeks at a time or longer, wanderBOX may be the answer to your needs. Mike Barnwell, the CEO of the newly formed wanderBOX, spent nearly four decades as a technology industry executive. A lifelong camper and outdoor enthusiast, Barnwell created an expedition-style off-road camper to sustain remote living for weeks at a time.

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The WanderBOX Outpost 35 4×4 Is a Luxury RV Made for Boondocking

June 2, 2022

What do you do if you’re looking for the perfect RV to fit your needs but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? If you’re WanderBOX CEO Mike Barnwell, you design a vehicle that meets your exact specifications and launch a new company to build it. The result is the Outpost 35 4×4, a mobile office and living space well-suited for boondocking.
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Overland Expo

All the cool rigs at Overland Expo West 2022

June 1, 2022

About this article: From Jeeps to huge trucks and everything in between, Eva Rupert takes us inside all the cool rigs at Overland Expo West 2022. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite!


WanderBOX Outpost 35 4×4 RV

May 22, 2022

The WanderBOX Outpost 35 RV isn’t just for occasional outdoor excursions — it’s outfitted to enable off-grid living and working. WanderBOX fits the Outpost 35 with home-like features, including seven-foot ceilings, a separate master bedroom with king-size bed, office with full-size desk, a fully-furnished kitchen, and even washer and dryer.

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Off-Grid Living And Working Is Possible Aboard wanderBOX’s Outpost 35 RV

May 22, 2022

Back then, folks took their RVs out for weekend trips of a bit longer than that. It was a perfect way to get away from it all and recharge before we dive right back into reality. Now, thanks to innovations in technology, we can choose to hit the road aboard the Outpost 35, maintain productivity, and more.

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Expedition Portal interviews Mike Barnwell

May 22, 2022

About this article: On Day 2 of Overland Expo West 2022 in Flagstaff, AZ – Matt chats with wanderBOX founder Mike Barnwell about his newly designed expedition vehicle – and tours the Outpost 35 on exhibit at the show.

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The Off-Road Camper of Your Dreams? It’s Right Here

May 21, 2022

Buying the ultimate camping vehicle can be tricky. If you have all the money to spend, you can opt for that beastly overlander or de facto luxury apartment on wheels. But you haven’t really been able to get both in the same vehicle — at least, until now. WanderBox wants to resolve that with their new Outpost 35 4×4 recreational vehicle, which they describe as an “off-pavement capable home on wheels.


wanderBOX Outpost 35 Is an Off-Grid 4×4 RV For Rich Badasses

May 21, 2022

In keeping with the idea of offering home-like comforts on (and off) the road, Outpost 35 has seven-foot (213-cm) ceilings throughout the habitat, the only exception being the cabover loft. The galley is almost a chef’s kitchen, with stainless steel sink, refrigerator with ice maker, three-burner induction cooktop, convection microwave, trash compactor, heavy-duty cabinetry and solid-surface countertops, and even a washer and drier combo unit.

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This Massive RV Is So Roomy It Has a 4-Person Bar and King-Sized Bedroom

May 20, 2022


wanderBOX’s Class C RV Boasts an Interior That’s Better than Most Apartments

May 19, 2022

Many of us have dreamed of living life on the open road. In fact, with the remote job market booming now more than ever, it’s never been easier to be a permanent transient. However, large class A RVs have limited accessibility and the smaller class Cs don’t really have everything you need to become a full-time denizen of America’s highways and byways…


Mobile Off-Grid Oasis: The wanderBOX Outpost 35 Off-Grid Camper

May 18, 2022

It’s built on a reinforced Ford Super Duty F-600 4×4 chassis. The chassis has auto-adjusting, computer-controlled hydraulic suspension — the same system used in ambulances to smooth out the roughest roads. It runs on a 6.7L PowerStroke turbo-diesel engine that Barnwell says is powerful enough that you can tow with the Outpost even if you’re crossing mountain passes.
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