Go Out Farther. Stay Out Longer.

Wanderbox is the most capable, configurable, comfortable, and connected 4×4 adventure vehicle. Whether you dream of a week-long trip to an off-grid destination or intend to make your Wanderbox a full-time go-anywhere home, your Wanderbox will let you live, work, or play anywhere in comfort. With more off-grid amenities, off-road capability, and built-in quality than other campers, Wanderbox is made to go the distance. Constructed in Colorado to last a lifetime, your Wanderbox will help achieve your dreams of a comfortable off-road, off-grid lifestyle, no matter where the road or trail may take you.

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Built To Last

Multi-generation longevity

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Off-Grid Design

Extended stay support systems

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Comforts Of Home

Designer living spaces

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Match Your Lifestyle

Crafted for your activities

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Bumper-To-Bumper Quality

Curated materials & components

Maximum Capacities

Gallons of Diesel
Gallons of Fresh Water
Gallons of Grey Water
Watts of Solar Power
Watt Hours of Lithium Batteries


Strong, lightweight composite panels with R15–R25 insulation means durable four-season usability in any climate. The proven go-anywhere Ford F-600, F-550, and Chevrolet 6500 HD platforms use a stout 4×4 drivetrain mated to a powerful diesel engine to deliver enough power to get you out farther.

Adventure vehicle parked on the edge of a canyon in Moab Utah
Wanderbox Three Sample Floorplans


With a variety of versatile floor plans to an endless array of premium finishes to select from, a Wanderbox adventure vehicle can be constructed to match your lifestyle. You’re not locked into just a couple of layouts—you have lots of choices.


From a king-sized bed and multi-burner induction cooktop to a sleek bathroom and an airy cabin, Wanderbox takes off-grid comfort to new levels. With increased solar, added lithium batteries, and more water storage than other 4×4 campers, your Wanderbox lets you self-sustain for weeks at a time without roughing it.

Wanderbox Outpost Kitchen
Top down view of a Starlink receiver mounted on the roof of an adventure vehicle


Plug-in even when off-grid. Your Wanderbox adventure vehicle offers superior connectivity including high-performance Starlink internet for Wi-Fi on the frontier, and satellite TV for endless entertainment anywhere. Whether it’s working in the backcountry, or connecting in the canyonlands, the technology-enabled Wanderbox allows you to stay linked no matter where you travel.


“In my quest for a mobile sanctuary during workdays and a retreat for leisure, Wanderbox exceeded my expectations. It seamlessly blended comfort with freedom, making it more than just a vehicle—it’s a home.”


“In our sprinter van, we quickly realized we were limited in space and functionality. After extensive research and exploring numerous options, Wanderbox stood out not just as the best choice, but as the perfect fit for our way of life.”

Lisa and Sean

“The Wanderbox Outpost doesn’t fit into the mold of a typical overland vehicle, expedition vehicle, or RV, but bridges the gap between all three.”

Gear Junkie

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