Ultimate Bugout Vehicle

Bug Out in Style

When SHTF, it’s good to know you’ve got your six to get you and your loved ones outta Dodge with all the comforts of home, in the secure, mobile habitat of your Outpost UBV by Wanderbox.

Starting at $380,000, the Outpost UBV is a 22,000-pound GVWR 4×4 “Super-C” motorhome designed from the ground up for comfortable four-season off-grid living for extended periods of time. Massive water/waste, solar/electrical and alternator-based 150-gallon diesel power backup system and the highly-efficient HVAC system means you can live comfortably off-grid for months at a time.

Amenities like king and queen beds, convection microwave, large fridge, induction cooktop, optional dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor put all the comforts of home at your fingertips.

Wanderbox Outpost UBV is the ultimate BOV for getting you and your family outta Dodge when SHTF

Go Almost Anywhere

The hydraulic suspension and 43″ on/off-road tires on DOT-approved beadlocks makes getting down rough roads easy

Outpost UBV’s 4×4, 19″-high clearance and on/off-road 81-MPH-rated 43″ tires on DOT-approved military-grade beadlock wheels makes it easy to get where you need to go, whether it’s down the interstate at 80MPH or bypassing the crowds via the forest roads in 4WD.

The 16,500-pound winch, On-Board Air system and traction boards means no getting stuck in dirt, sand or snow. The computer-controlled Liquid Spring hydraulic suspension takes the edge off those washboard roads with by-the-mili-second refining of ride quality.

No matter what the situation, capable and comfortable is how you’ll roll in your Outpost UBV by Wanderbox.

Stay Out for Months

Our Outpost UBV 29′, 32′ and 35′ models have the most advanced and capable systems of any 4WD motorhome available, with freshwater capacity up to 200 gallons plus a filtered stream-refill pump station when refilling from a creek is needed.

The 2000-2800-watt rooftop solar array feeds the 12-36-kWh lithium battery bank that’s backed up by the 60-150-gallon capacity alternator-based diesel power generation system to ensure your rig has adequate electricity, heat and cooling year-round.

The fully integrated electrical system includes two touchscreens that control all systems and supports pre-set modes for various stay and away profiles. The highly efficient HVAC system combined with the R15-25 insulated main cabin shell means you’ll stay cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool out.

Tactical Storage

Hidden gun storage under the foot of the king bed in the master of the Outpost UBV 35

Stealthy storage of guns, ammo, bows, knives, etc. isn’t an afterthought, it’s something we built into the heart of the design of the Outpost UBV. Be ready for anything with plenty of storage where you need it, accessible at a moment’s notice.

Outpost UBV has tons of interior and exterior storage so you’ll have plenty of room to store food and anything else needed to bug out for months. Four-season construction, heated tanks and plumbing plus a “Ready Mode” profile of the electrical system makes winterization a thing of the past and means you can hit the road fast.

Other options like a rooftop observation deck with camo annex helps turn your Outpost into a bunker that blends into the hillside and makes maintaining situational awareness and defense quick and easy.

Comms Center

A versatile communications capability is essential to knowing your surroundings, monitoring news sources and routes of ingress and egress, plus staying in touch with friendlies both on the move and while off-grid.

Outpost UBV’s advanced communications options including radio and satellite internet and TV makes maintaining communications on and off-grid simple and easy.

Starlink’s new RV satellite internet solution provides high-speed internet both stationary and in-motion for much of North America, and is our go-to for internet connectivity in the Outpost UBV.

For 24/7 360-degree perimeter security, we offer the GOST real-time surveillance system with low profile high-res fisheye cameras on all four walls that streams video to an interior display and your mobile devices.

Features, Options & Specs

      • Chassis
          • Ford F-600 4×4 330 HP 6.7L turbo diesel

          • 22k GVWR/43k GCWR, 15k hitch

          • 126-216 gallons total diesel capacity

          • Low torsion subframe design

      • Suspension/Wheels/Tires/Clearance
            • Liquid Spring computer-controlled hydraulic suspension

            • 20” Hutchinson military-grade beadlocks

            • 43” Goodyear 365/80R20 81 MPH 14-ply tires

            • High clearance, approach/breakover/departure

        • Main Cabin
              • 180 to 225 SF living space depending on model

              • 6’10” ceiling height throughout; 32” full-size shower

              • Aluminum panel/honeycomb shell design; you choose exterior wrap/paint

              • Four-season construction with R15-25 rating throughout

              • 3 lengths & many customizable floorplan options sleep up to 6

          • Appliances
                • Convection microwave, 10-17 CF fridge, 2-4 burner Induction cooktop w/ vent

                • Optional washer/dryer, dishwasher, trash compactor

            • Power/Electrical
                  • 2000-to-2800-watt rooftop solar array

                  • 12-to-36-kWh lithium battery bank

                  • Marine grade system w/ 2 touchscreen controllers

                  • Diesel & solar powered, no propane; no generator, batteries charged via alternator

                • Water/Waste
                      • 100-200 gallons fresh water/100-200 gallons grey water

                      • 65-gallon black w/ incinerator toilet option

                      • Remote stream fill system

                      • Trash compactor option

                  • Climate Control
                        • Diesel-based heating & on-demand hot water

                        • Highly efficient air conditioning

                    • Communications & Surveillance Systems
                          • Communications center (different options)

                          • Starlink satellite internet

                          • Advanced GOST surveillance system

                          • Motion detection around perimeter

                      • Storage
                            • Lots of interior & interior storage

                            • Multiple hidden storage/gun storage options

                        • Rescue/Recovery
                              • 16.5# winch(es), traction boards, OBA system

                              • Many lightbar/outdoor lighting options

                          • Annex/Rooftop Deck (Optional)
                                • Wrap-around camo annex

                                • Camper-accessible rooftop surveillance deck

                            • Hunting/Fishing-Friendly
                                  • Storage for guns, bows, rods

                                  • Optional game dressing station

                                  • Optional large meat freezer

                            Act Now

                            There’s no time like now to talk to us about how a Wanderbox Outpost UBV can help protect you and your loved ones when the going gets rough. Check our our various models and their floorplans on the Design page –any of these can be upfitted with the UBV enhancements.

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