wanderBOX models can be customized to incorporate special features and options that support your outdoor lifestyle, from mountain/road biker to work-remote digital nomad to prepper/bug-out configurations. Our innovative design approach lets you pursue your favorite outdoor passions, or just live independently and sustainably, with all the comfort and amenities that wanderBOX offers.

We also have commercial solutions for applications that require extended off-grid capabilities in a climate controlled habitat with lots of water, electricity and comfort.

Sports Enthusiast

Want the ultimate basecamp to hike all of the national parks or section-hike the AT? Mountain bike that sweet high-desert singletrack all over the West? Fish the Gold Medal trout streams of Colorado? With your wanderBOX, you can GET THERE, STAY THERE and PLAY THERE pretty much as long as you want.

It’s all about access when it comes to checking off your Bucket List of gotta-do outdoor activities. Getting and staying close to the action is what wanderBOX is all about, and with 4×4, high clearance and our Liquid Spring hydraulic suspension system, getting down those washboard roads to that honey hole spot is a cinch.

Secure storage is key when you want to keep that pricey bike protected from the elements and anyone who might want to ride off with it. With loads of exterior and interior storage that we can customize to your needs, you can store your inflatable SUP, climbing gear, rods and rifles so they are safe, secure and ready to go when needed.

wanderBOX is the perfect basecamp for relaxing with friends after a long day on the trails

Remote Worker

The American Dream has morphed for many from an office-based 9-to-5 job to more of a hybrid work-remote lifestyle where you can blend work demands with the rest of your life. With more and more people choosing to work remotely these days, and wanderBOX is the perfect solution to eating your outdoor-lifestyle-junkie cake and having it with a side of working-now-and-then too.

Choose from many work-remote floorplans and features, like our king bed that converts to a full-size desk with two 32″ monitors (pictured) or sleeper sofa that converts to a desk, or pull-out bar that doubles as a work area. With wanderBOX, the work-remote options are many, so you don’t have to compromise when there’s work to be done. Starlink satellite internet–now with an “in-motion” option–makes connecting and checking email or doing that Zoom call fast and easy.

Let us design and build your ultimate work-remote go-anywhere dream vehicle so you can LIVE. WORK. PLAY. ANYWHERE.

The king bed in the master bedroom converts into a full-size desk with two 32″ monitors

Prepper/Bug Out Vehicle

In today’s crazy world you never know when the sh*t could hit the fan and you’ll need a way for you and your loved ones to get out of Dodge. With wanderBOX’s Prepper/Bug Out Vehicle configurations, staying in front of the zombie hordes and living off the land for extended periods of time in comfort was never easier.

With options like 200 gallons of fresh water and our remote water filtration and pump station to refill your tanks from a nearby stream, and our massive 2000-to-2800-watt rooftop solar array with backup alternator-based power generation system to top off the humungous 12-to-36-kWh lithium battery bank, you can literally stay out for months at a time.

Hidden gun storage, massive food storage and fast satellite internet/TV with advanced communications and security/surveillance system options, mean you can stay connected to what’s going on and hunker down knowing you and your family are safe and secure. Optional fish/game dressing station extends your self-sufficiency to last over the long haul.

See full details about our Ultimate Bug Out rig here.

Communications and security/surveillance system options keep you connected and your perimeter secure

Commercial Applications

wanderBOX customizes our models for business and government applications where off-road/off-grid capability and a climate-controlled habitat with abundant water/waste and solar/electrical capabilities are key requirements.

If you’re not finding what you need for your off-pavement, off-grid commercial/government needs, contact us to discuss your application!