Wanderbox models can be customized to incorporate special features and options that support your outdoor lifestyle, from mountain/road biker to work-remote digital nomad to prepper/bug-out configurations. Our innovative design approach lets you pursue your favorite outdoor passions, or just live independently and sustainably, with all the comfort and amenities that Wanderbox offers.
We also have commercial solutions for applications that require extended off-grid capabilities in a climate controlled habitat with lots of water, electricity and comfort.

Adventure Seekers

Eager to dive deep into nature’s embrace? Whether you’re an avid hiker, fishing enthusiast, or rock climber, Wanderbox promises the seamless integration of adventure and comfort. Many passionate explorers like you prefer RVs with maneuverability on tricky terrains. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Envision resting on plush mattresses after a day’s hike, whipping up meals in a fully-equipped kitchen, and unwinding with top-notch entertainment systems. Relish the beauty of the outdoors with added amenities like awnings and built-in grills. The Wanderbox adventure vehicle isn’t just about comfort; it’s built for the rugged journey. With high clearance, 4×4 capabilities, and all-terrain tires, it’s ready for any challenge. Your gear, from inflatable SUPs to rock climbing equipment, has a secure home with ample storage options. In essence, Wanderbox merges the best of both worlds: uncompromised luxury and unbeatable durability, making every outdoor escapade unforgettable.

Digital Nomads

Welcome to a world where work, life, and adventure coexist. Forget static offices; today, your workspace moves with you, adapting to both your profession and passion. When scouting the ideal RV, your checklist is unique: swift, reliable internet, a well-lit workspace, eco-friendly features like solar panels, and agility to weave through diverse terrains. Storage and affordability? Absolutely essential. Enter Wanderbox. More than just an RV, it’s your mobile office-meets-home, tailoring to both your job and your journey. With transformative designs, like beds that double as spacious desks, we cater to your dynamic lifestyle. And with enhanced Starlink satellite internet, you’re always connected, wherever adventure takes you. Your dream RV isn’t just a vehicle—it’s freedom on wheels, blending work, comfort, and endless exploration.

Survival Enthusiasts

In our unpredictable times, you prioritize readiness, valuing self-sufficiency and sustainability. When choosing an RV, it’s not just about travel; it’s about resilience. Your ideal RV operates seamlessly off-grid, powered by reliable sources like solar panels. It’s robust, designed to handle diverse terrains and weather conditions. Efficiency in water and waste management is as vital as abundant storage for your equipment. Security features, such as reinforced doors and advanced locking systems, provide peace of mind. Wanderbox understands these unique needs, offering specially-designed configurations that combine durability with innovation. From power systems that ensure longevity in remote areas to discreet storage solutions and top-tier security, Wanderbox is more than an RV—it’s a mobile fortress. Prepared for challenges and designed for those who demand the best, Wanderbox ensures you’re equipped to thrive anywhere.

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