Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wanderbox is the world’s first no compromise off-road, off-grid camper. With all the comforts of home plus massive water, solar and lithium battery capacities, Wanderbox is designed to let you live, work and play in most any kind of outdoor setting for extended periods of time. Starting at $299,999 and built with the highest quality components, each Wanderbox is designed to last a lifetime. With standard amenities like a king-size bed in the master and queen for the guest sleeper, a washer/dryer, dishwasher, trash compactor, induction cooktop, microwave, full-size refrigerator with ice maker, outdoor kitchen and entertainment center, satellite internet and a touchscreen control-everything panel, Wanderbox is an off-road, off-grid camper like no other.

The specs and capacities are dependent on the model and length of the specific Wanderbox. See the Explore section for detailed information.

All of our Wanderbox adventure vehicles are built on the Ford F-550, F-600 or Chevy 6500HD chassis. These chassis gives us the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) needed to carry all of the water tanks, lithium batteries and everything else needed to live off-grid for extended periods.

Every Wanderbox is hand-built at the manufacturing facilities at our headquarters in Mead, Colorado.

Yes, Wanderbox are highly insulated so you can camp in most any climate, year-round.

It depends on several factors, but the short answer is most likely weeks or more between re-supply/dump trips.

All of our models have very large fresh water tanks that provide drinking water plus water to wash dishes and clothes, plus take showers with. It also has very large grey and black water tanks which depending on your water usage and bathroom habits, will support lengthy off-grid stays.

Your energy usage plus how sunny it is where you are camping (which will determine how much the solar panels charge the battery bank) and how long you stay at a campsite versus drive between campsites (the battery bank is charged when you drive via the alternator-based generator system) will determine how long you’ll have battery power to run things like lights, appliances, etc. If the battery bank gets low, the camper’s alternator-based generator will turn on to charge the batteries. This combined with the large capacity diesel tanks should provide the supplemental power needed to stay a month or more if you have cloudy days and aren’t moving around much.

The Wanderbox team is a group of outdoor enthusiasts with a ton of camper-building and general manufacturing experience.

The least expensive Wanderbox is the Outpost 29 Basecamp 4×4 with a starting price of $299,999. Currently our most expensive model is the Outpost 35 4×4 which has a starting price of $460,000 and can be as much as ~$685,000 when outfitted with all options.

Wanderbox adventure vehicles are built with the highest-quality materials so that they will last a lifetime, plus include top-quality appliances and appointments so you’ll have all the comforts of home when living off-grid. The specs and capacities of the various systems that make a Wanderbox so off-grid capable are beyond anything else on the market today.

These materials and components, plus the high quality of the workmanship that goes into constructing each Wanderbox, combined with the after-sale service and support we offer, make the cost of a Wanderbox higher than traditional mass-market RVs or motorhomes, but a value when you consider all of the quality materials and components, and the very large capacities needed for comfortable, extended off-grid stays.

We have financing options ready to go. Please give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs.

We are currently quoting six to eight months from the time you place your Wanderbox order until we have it ready for pickup at our Colorado headquarters. Certain configurations may be available with less lead-time, and some may take more time to build.

Contact a Sales Consultant to find out current lead-times for the particular model and configuration you’re interested in.

We work closely with you to define, design and build your Wanderbox.

  1. Review your lifestyle, requirements, and use cases
  2. Determine the chassis type and size
  3. Draft exterior and interior layouts
  4. Review and approve CAD drawings
  5. Collaborate on the build with key
    milestone check-ins.
  6. Come to our facility for orientation and
    delivery of your new Wanderbox

Visit our Design page for full details on how to configure and purchase your Wanderbox

Unfortunately, no. We design, build, and deliver the complete vehicle.

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