The Steps to Your Next Adventure

  1. Review lifestyle, requirements, and use cases
  2. Nail down chassis and size
  3. Draft exterior and interior layouts
  4. Review and approve CAD drawings
  5. Collaborate on the build with key
    milestone check-ins.
  6. Come to our facility for orientation and
    delivery of your new Wanderbox

Choose Your Size, Choose your Chassis

Each Wanderbox adventure vehicle is built on a medium-duty truck chassis that provides the weight rating required to support the extensive features and all of your gear. Pick the length of your Wanderbox, from 26′ to 45′, to match your lifestyle.  Next, choose from the Ford F-600 (regular cab), the F-550 (crew cab) or the Chevrolet 6500 HD (regular & crew cab) chassis.

Craft Your Floorplan

Once we’ve defined your lifestyle needs and picked a chassis and size, we work with you to configure your floorplan. You’re not cornered into a limited number of floorplan options. We start with a clean slate, with some limitations, and configure your Wanderbox the way you want it. You can check out these sample floorplans to give your creativity a boost.

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Dig into the Details

Check out this Wanderbox configuration worksheet for the Basecamp edition to get an idea of options and pricing. Once you have a general idea of what you want on your Wanderbox, give us a call and we’ll work up a personalized quote for your next adventure vehicle.

design and order

Creating your Wanderbox is straightforward and simple, just…


Wanderbox adventure vehicles start at $299,999. Work with us to configure a quote with the full list of options and costs.


Lead-time to receive your new Wanderbox is approximately six to eight months after ordering. As part of the ordering process, your sales consultant will confirm your delivery date window in writing before ordering is finalized.



To schedule an appointment to talk details, call us at 720.844.0228 or email us at A deposit secures your spot in the Wanderbox production queue.

Financing Options

Please contact us for current financing program information. 

After-Sale Support & Service

We provide all our customers with our Customer Hotline number and email address to help guide you through the process of learning about your Wanderbox or in the unlikely event that you encounter any issues after you take delivery. Please ask your Sales Consultant for more details on our support services. Regular maintenance and service for every Wanderbox we sell is available at our headquarters in Mead, CO. Please make an appointment before coming for your maintenance/service appointment.


Wanderbox provides a five-year warranty on items we fabricate and the installation of the components we use, and a ten-year structural and lamination warranty. All installed components plus appliances and consumer electronics included with your Wanderbox have the warranties that their respective manufacturers provide. Ford provides a three-year 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper, five-year 60,000-mile powertrain and five-year 100,000 diesel engine warranty on the truck.

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