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wanderBOX’s Class C RV Boasts an Interior That’s Better than Most Apartments

“Many of us have dreamed of living life on the open road. In fact, with the remote job market booming now more than ever, it’s never been easier to be a permanent transient. However, large class A RVs have limited accessibility and the smaller class Cs don’t really have everything you need to become a full-time denizen of America’s highways and byways…” Ethan Brehm, HiCONSUMPTION View Article

wanderBOX Class C RV

Hit the open road without leaving behind the comforts of home while behind the wheel of the WanderBOX Class C RV. This rolling solar-powered abode ideal for off-grid living comes with a fully stocked kitchen, a cozy and well-lit bedroom, and even a spacious office space. THIS IS WHY IM BROKE, View Article

Off-Grid Living And Working Is Possible Aboard wanderBOX’s Outpost 35 RV

Back then, folks took their RVs out for weekend trips of a bit longer than that. It was a perfect way to get away from it all and recharge before we dive right back into reality. Now, thanks to innovations in technology, we can choose to hit the road aboard the Outpost 35, maintain productivity, and more.” MensGear.net


“The WanderBOX Outpost 35 RV isn’t just for occasional outdoor excursions — it’s outfitted to enable off-grid living and working. WanderBOX fits the Outpost 35 with home-like features, including seven-foot ceilings, a separate master bedroom with king-size bed, office with full-size desk, a fully-furnished kitchen, and even washer and dryer.” Uncrate.com View Article