Our New Outpost 29′ Crew Cab

Taking family off-pavement adventure travel to a comfortable new level

Wanderbox Outpost 29 Crew Cab Rendering

CAD renderings of the Outpost 29 4×4 Crew Cab Lariat

Since we launched the Outpost 4×4 line in May of 2022, we’ve been asked a ton of times when we’d have a 29-foot crew cab option, so we’re happy to announce we now do: the new Outpost 29 4×4 Crew Cab Lariat!

We thought long and hard about how to bring our customers all the roominess and amenities you expect in a Wanderbox, in a sub-30-foot crew cab unit. In doing so, we take full advantage of the advanced materials and design that’s in every Wanderbox, to ensure the Outpost 29 4×4 Crew Cab Lariat’s shell and chassis enhancements are lightweight but strong enough to endure the stresses of the washboard roads and steep switchbacks we like to take our Wanderbox adventure vehicles.

Wanderbox Interior Lariat Crew Cab

 The leather interior of the F-550 crew cab Lariat is impressive with its roominess and massive display.

What has resulted is a Wanderbox you can pack your family into (dogs included!) and still have what you need for long stays off-grid with all the comforts of home:

  • Cab seating for four, with a large pass-through to the main cabin
  • 120 gallons of fresh, 70 gallons gray, 40 gallons black water
  • 1600 watts of rooftop solar with up to 24 kWh lithium battery back
  • R15+ living space with high-efficiency diesel heating and DC mini split A/C
  • 10cf compressor fridge, 100″ gourmet kitchen with solid surface countertop, large sink and induction cooktop
  • Large touchscreens, live edge table, custom interior decor, full-size bath

Once again, Wanderbox proves you can LIVE. WORK. PLAY. ANYWHERE. Your imagination can take you down our beautiful highways, bi-ways, and backcountry roads to that special campsite, whether it’s for a long weekend or a weeks-long getaway.

Wanderbox Crew Cab Lariat Floorplan

This floorplan of the Crew Cab Lariat sleeps four in comfort with all the amenities of home.

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