Thanksgiving in a Wanderbox

Our three-Day Holiday Getaway to Paradise

Wanderbox with Castle Valley Utah in the background

In Castle Valley, Utah with Castleton tower, the Priest, Nuns and Rectory in the background. Castleton is a 300′ desert rock spire that is one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America.

We decided to ditch the turkey ritual this Thanksgiving and hit the backcountry roads instead, to do some field testing in an Outpost 29 4×4 (just one of the perks of the job!). Our three-day trip took us to some of the sweetest paved and backcountry sight-seeing and primitive camping we know of west of Moab, about a 6-hour trip from the Denver area where Wanderbox is headquartered.

Wanderbox Trip Map Grand Junction

From Grand Junction CO we traveled a loop that took us to some amazing remote destinations.

Highlights of our three day adventure:

  • Camping at some of our favorite Utah high desert and riverside campsites
  • Hiking Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse slot canyon, and Horseshoe Canyon
  • Taking in the amazing views in Capitol Reef NP and Utah’s Scenic Hwy 12
  • Driving the Burr Trail including its steep switchbacks
  • Stopping to take in the views of Castle Valley and Castleton tower
  • Leaving the Moab area via the very beautiful River Road (Hwy 128)
Wanderbox checking the map in Swing Arm City

Stopping to check the map at Swing Arm City, an off-roading destination on the way to Capitol Reef NP.

Wanderbox Trip Pictographs

Gallery of pictographs made by ancient indigenous people at Horseshoe Canyon, Utah.

Sometimes, remembering what you are thankful for is as easy as going back to where you’ve had some of your most fun times. And for me, the southeastern area of Utah in and around Moab is hard to beat when I need to get away to breathe in the fresh air and chill around a juniper fire with people I love, to remember what I do it for and what’s most important in my life.

Wanderbox Trip Panorama

It’s hard to beat waking up to a panoramic view of the backcountry red rocks of Utah in your Wanderbox!

I don’t know what outdoor places do it for you, but I encourage you to regularly carve out enough time in your daily life to touch base with that part of your soul that gets recharged when you get out and enjoy the outdoors.

For me, there’s nothing else like it.

CEO, Wanderbox

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