7-Minute Walk-through of the Outside of our Wanderbox Outpost 35 4×4

Check out this video walk-through of the Outpost 35 4×4, built on a Ford F-600 chassis with a 6.7 Power Stroke diesel engine. It features 20-inch Hudson rims, and Michelin 41-inch tires. This Wanderbox includes retractable electric power steps for increased ground clearance, a double-layered box with aluminum honeycomb and Polyiso insulation, and a unique floor construction for enhanced insulation. It offers customizable battery capacities (up to 36 kWh) and various charging options, including solar power. The Outpost 35 also includes a high-capacity water system, efficient diesel heating, a computer-controlled Liquid Spring hydraulic suspension, and spacious, climate-controlled storage. Additional amenities include a high-end audio system, a winch-operated spare tire system, a residential-style AC unit, satellite TV, a large electric awning, an outdoor kitchen, an entertainment area, and a robust front bumper with lights and a winch.

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